Names and faces in lights! Class of 2021 members to be spotlighted on district’s marquee sign starting June 1 through June 24

Student name and image on Route 6 marquee sign

Class of 2021 students will be recognized on the district’s marquee sign at the entrance to the Route 6 campus beginning June 1 through June 24.

The entire class will be alphabetically spotlighted June 1 through 12. The same alphabetical presentation of students will repeat June 13 through 24, giving everyone two days in June to see their image and name in lights!

Each day,  approximately 25 students will be featured on our marquee sign! The names of the day will cycle through approximately every eight minutes over a 24 hour period. We invite you to stop by during the day and/or evening and take photos!

Here’s the schedule:

marquee sign schedule