Otisville Elementary students raise for $7,179 for American Heart Association’s 2024 ‘Kids Heart Challenge’

kids jumping

Otisville Elementary students raised over  $7,179 for the American Heart Association through their participation in its Kids Heart Challenge.

kids jumping

The Kids Heart Challenge focuses on teaching students the importance of eating healthy and exercising to maintain good heart health. Students learned about heart health, discussed engaging in regular physical activity, eating a heart healthy diet, avoiding tobacco and the importance of good mental health. They learned all these can affect one’s health and risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

Students also participated in the school’s 20th annual “Jump the Donut” competition, a game where students stand in a circle with the teacher in the middle. The teacher spins a rope with a rubber deck ring on the end. If the ring hits the student as the ring is spun around the circle, the student is out.

Each class had a competition with the two finalists moving onto the grade level competition. Congratulations to this year’s winners:

  • 5th Grade – Nolan Ramirez
  • 4th Grade – Sawyer Francis
  • 3rd Grade – Griffin Tomasulo
  • 2nd Grade – Cian Slomka
  • 1st Grade – Kason Green