Otisville K-Kids Club introduces its new Free Little Library to the community

Otisville Little Library

kids putting books into libraryThe Otisville K-Kids Club has introduced its first community project of the school year: The Free Little Library, located outside the front entrance to the school.

The library, a re-purposed refrigerator, was the result of the work of Kiwanis advisors Andrea Yager and Logan Reggio, who began work on creating the shell of the little library this past summer.

kids working with books

“Our K-Kids worked together to label the books and fill the library for the community to enjoy,” said Danielle Ulbrich, Otisville social Worker and club faculty advisor. “Take a book, borrow a book, or leave a book!”

group of kids in cafeteria

The official opening of the Free Little Library follows the K-Kids’ recent fall installation of members and officers. The club, which resumed last year after a COVID-19 hiatus, was originally formed for third-grade students but this year expanded its membership to include fourth and fifth-graders.

K Kids logoThis year’s K-Kids officers are: Quinn Lattimer, president; Harper Walsh, vice president; Betty Jaroka, secretary; and Zoey Perkins, treasurer.

free little library“This is a wonderful project which reinforces the importance of reading,” said Principal Julia Downey.  “This K-Kids project gives Otisville a new opportunity to be an even stronger member of our community and I’m grateful to all involved. We know readers have more advanced vocabulary, better comprehension, critical thinking, writing and analytical skills, improved focus and concentration and more. We welcome all the young borrowers who are eager to read and anyone who wants to donate children’s books to our Free Little Library.”

free little library

Kiwanis K-Kids is the youngest and fastest growing service organization for elementary students, with more than 1,200 clubs worldwide. Kiwanis members work with children to help them learn leadership skills, develop strong moral character, and encourage loyalty to the school, community and nation. At the same time, Kiwanis members have yet another opportunity to engage and collaborate with others to better the school and community.

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