Reminder: NYS Department of Health guidance still remains unchanged for school distancing/quarantining requirements    

Minisink Valley logoAttention Minisink Valley parents/guardians:

As a reminder, the district is aware that the CDC recently released new guidance which reduces distancing requirements from  six to three-feet,  without barriers, for masked students. Please be aware that the same guidance maintains the six-feet distance requirement when students remove their masks to eat.

However, it’s important to stress this: While the CDC guidance is encouraging news, the district is still required to follow all New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) guidance and mandates. They have not changed.

Currently, the same NYSDOH six-foot distancing and quarantining requirements/mandates are still in effect; we are still waiting to learn if or when they may change.

The NYSDOH, not the CDC, still determines what the district can and cannot do.