Sept. 23 message from Superintendent Monahan on law enforcement’s visit to the high school

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Dear Minisink Valley community:

For your awareness, today, Sept. 23,  we experienced a power surge which unexpectedly triggered a security system message to the county’s 911 Call Center indicating an emergency lockdown was happening at the high school.

However, this was not the case. That alarm did not initiate a building alarm and all is well at the high school. We are in contact with our security system administrators to correct this issue.

As expected, our law enforcement partners arrived at the high school in minutes, prepared to take immediate action if necessary. Troopers and Orange County Sheriff’s deputies were assured by high school administration there was no lockdown in place. Also, as expected, they took a quick tour of the building before departing.

In the interest of transparency, and because we know the speedy arrival of  law enforcement to our campus with lights and sirens may be concerning, we wanted to advise you of what happened.

We wish to thank our law enforcement partners for their extremely rapid response to our campus. At the time, they were not aware this was tied to a power surge issue and were fully prepared to do whatever was necessary to address an unknown issue and protect and assist our high school students and staff.  We are very grateful to them and to our onsite Sheriff’s deputies for their very professional assistance.


Brian C. Monahan