Shamrocks, fractions and line plots: St. Patrick’s Day helps make Otisville math lessons even more fun

students with Lucky charmsCynthia Careccia and Debra Schifano’s Otisville Elementary students were feeling lucky when they recently celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with some special math exercises and treats.

It was an opportunity to align math lessons with the luck of the Irish to make the day’s math work even more fun.

Students sorted “marshmallow charms” from Lucky Charms cereal to create fractions of each kind of marshmallow and then created a line plot to display their data.

students with shamrock picturesHearts and rainbows were among the most popular shapes, but there were even some unique unicorns in the mix.

After eating their treats, students solved a graphing mystery by plotting and connecting “x” and “y” coordinates to reveal a very appropriate shape for the day.

“They may not have found this charmed plant in their yards, but they did make their own today,” Mrs. Careccia added.