Summer constructions alerts for the high school and other buildings on the main campus

Construction barrier artPlease be aware of the work which is getting ready to start, or already in progress,  at the high school and at other buildings on the main campus:

·         Track resurfacing and the building of a retaining wall
·         Upgrading HVAC system, including new air handling unit, and upgrade controls
·         Replacement of floor tiles in boys and girls locker rooms and in various bathrooms
·         Replacement of pool lighting to LED lighting
·         Replacement of ADA chair in pool
·         Upgrading high school elevator
·         Replacement and upgrading of exiting electrical panels in the 1974 building
·         Removal of vinyl asbestos tile (VAT) in 17 classrooms and replace with vinyl composite tile (VCT)
·         Removal of exterior slate on 1958 building and replace with new EIFS system.

We appreciate your understanding of this important work. Thank you.