SUNY Orange honors 24 district students with Sojourner Truth recognitions

SUNY Orange recently honored 24 students in the high school and middle school with  Sojourner Truth recognitions. Congratulations to all!

Sojourner Truth was an African- American evangelist, abolitionist, women’s rights activist and author who was born into slavery before escaping to freedom in 1826. After gaining her freedom, Ms. Truth preached about abolitionism and equal rights for all.

High School:

students and administrators

  • Daniela Bonilla, foreign languages and creative arts
  • Riley Grainger, creative arts
  • Austin Gurda, citizenship
  • Sierra Libron, mathematics
  • Olivia Loeven, mathematics
  • Casey Trinidad-Ramirez, foreign languages
  • Sarah Zahaykevich, perseverance/effort

Middle School:

students and administrators

  • Eric Asante-Wiredu, sciences
  • Lorenzo Ascolese, citizenship
  • Andres Balseca, citizenship
  • Adrianna Castro, sciences
  • Kyle Fernandez-Pena, citizenship
  • Josh Geller, English language arts
  • Niamh Gray, English language arts
  • Amber Guadalupe, perseverance/effort
  • Leah Hoolan, citizenship
  • Jasani Little, perseverance/effort
  • Lino Lopez-Godinez, citizenship
  • Baron Mazariegos, sciences
  • Camilla Montes, sciences
  • Daniel Oenga, sciences
  • Sorcha Schultz, English language arts
  • Peyton Turnbull, sciences
  • Levi Vreeland, citizenship

This awards program recognizes the achievements of deserving Orange County students who meet the following criteria in these categories:

Athletics- Possessing natural and trained aptitude for excellence in competitive sports, while exhibiting sportsmanship, team spirit, and grace in victory and defeat and/or demonstrate achievements in physical education classes and extra curricular activities.
Citizenship- Exhibiting continuous courtesy, thoughtfulness, and service to others, obvious both in and out of the school environment.
Creative arts – Talent and obvious achievement in drama, speech, dance, theatre production, music, painting, sculpture, design, graphics, visual arts and extra curricular programs.
Diversity- Demonstrates acceptance and respect of individual differences and cultural traditions.
English language arts- Skilled in reading, writing, reading comprehension, poetry, creative writing, school newspaper, exceptional written and spoken vocabulary.
Foreign languages- Achievement in a language other than English for communication that exhibits cross-cultural skills and understanding.
Mathematics- High achievement in logical thinking, mathematical analysis, scientific inquiry processes and concepts, numbers-their forms, arrangements, sets, relationships, and properties.
Perseverance/effort- Demonstrating achievement by overcoming obstacles.  Showing a willingness to extend high levels of effort and resolve in the face of adversity.
Sciences- Exceptional ability in the observation, identification, description, and investigation of natural phenomena.  Success in methodical experimentation, recording, and explanation.
Technology- Achievements in computer and technology classes and extracurricular programs.