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Friday October 20, 2017 at 9:31am Age: 1 year
Category: District, High School


Think of it as the Mid-Hudson “Oscars” for school professionals, and Minisink Valley takes eight! Over 700 guests gathered for the 2017 Mid-Hudson Study Council (MHSC) annual awards dinner on Thursday, Oct. 10. Eight members of our faculty and staff were recognized with Awards for Excellence, representing Minisink in all six award categories.

Our honorees were nominated by building and district administrators for their personal and professional contributions to the district’s educational mission and the school community. Please join us in congratulating and thanking our meritorious award recipients. (Quotations were excerpted from nomination letters.)


David Roda
Director of Facilities III

“Our district owes much to David Roda’s understated yet steady leadership, and his commitment to the highest standards of service. During the past 10 years, Mr. Roda oversaw six major building projects, including the constructions of a brand new elementary school. He seamlessly manages and motivates his staff to exceed expectations, while working successfully with outside contractors. He is key to our ability to maintain safe and reliable infrastructure throughout our campuses, and to the overall success of our district.”


Deborah Roda
District Clerk

“The best leaders are servants with a vision, and they inspire others to great things by their own example. Our school district and surrounding communities are consistently strengthened by the quiet leadership and uncompromising service of Debbie Roda, Executive Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools and District Clerk. She uses every opportunity to deepen community connections and understand the needs of those we serve. The time and energy she devotes to our schools is a testimony to her courage to always do the right thing, and her high hopes for the future of our youth and our community. "


Michele McCoy
District Psychologist

“Mrs. McCoy works well with parents and displays compassion and empathy toward the students and families she serves. She advocates for students and ensures their connection to Minisink Valley schools remains available, whether through participation in extra-curricular activities or in celebrations.”


Alfred Gibbs
Board of Education

“In his 17 years of service on the Board of Education, Mr. Gibbs has been a valued mentor to many new members. Always the voice of reason in discussions around the table, he is also kindhearted and quick to help anyone in need. A dedicated public servant who does not look for the spotlight, Mr. Gibbs is someone who believes in serving his community to help make it a better place.”


Nick Boffemmeyer
Senior Groundskeeper

“Maintaining Minisink Valley’s 102-acre main campus, and the 48-acre Otisville campus, is a daunting undertaking, especially when our facilites are constantly teeming with activity. Mr. Boffemmeyer manages to do it with a team of only four staff. The strength of his leadership lies on personal example. He constantly strives for excellence, and his staff follows with a “can do” attitude.  Every field, flowerbed, walkway and parking lot is tended to with precision and devotion. Every request for assistance is promptly and efficiently answered. The unyielding efforts of Mr. Boffemmeyer and his team create a haven for our students, parents and community, and are a source of great pride for the entire district.”   


Rosemary Marcolina
Fifth Grade Teacher
Minisink Valley Intermediate School

“In Mrs. Marcolina’s routine-oriented classroom, students are challenged to take accountability for their learning. As a result, they understand how to organize, prepare, research, and apply their knowledge. They know their strengths, and they learn to overcome their weaknesses. Rated “highly effective” by the New State Education Department, Mrs. Marcolina is also recognized by our school community as honest, caring and nurturing. A 31-year teaching professional, Mrs. Marcolina remains in contact with two generations of former students.” 

Erin Natalizio
Math Teacher
Girls Varsity Soccer Coach

Minisink Valley High School

“Erin’s dedication to her students is evident both in and out of the classroom. She is typically found assisting students after school, or during her free period. Her ability to create a comfortable yet rigorous class environment, has yielded impressive results. One hundred percent of Erin’s students have passed the state assessments for a number of years. Students know that they can depend on her for sound instruction, and as a mentor who is committed to helping them succeed in class and in life.”

Morgan Torres
English Teacher
Minisink Valley High School

“Ms. Torres demonstrates professionalism, enthusiasm, and integrity on a daily basis. Her classroom in an active learning center, in an atmosphere of mutual respect. She engages students in critical thinking with a particular focus on rhetorical strategies, literary analysis, and argumentative writing. Ms. Torres communicates clear expectations to students, supports them in academic risk-taking, and provides thoughtful feedback on their learning. She demonstrates that she values reflection in her teaching, and understands that the best teaching practitioners are constantly challenging and expanding their approach.”