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Monday June 11, 2012 at 2:52pm Age: 6 yrs
Category: Intermediate


Mrs. Gale and Mrs. Kosowicz's math classes have been working on a graphing project, in addition to studying the process of making a product in social studies.  The students were put into groups.  Each group chose a restaurant and created four new menu items for that restaurant.  For each item the students had to list the ingredients and give it a tasty name.  They surveyed three,c third grade classes to see which item the students would like to see on the restaurant’s menu.  The groups worked together in the computer lab to create a bar graph displaying the data they collected.  Each group wrote a letter to their restaurant explaining the project and the results.  

They received a quick response from McDonald's and Rita's.  McDonald's brought the entire class lunch and actually made the menu items that the students created.  Rita's threw an Italian Ice Party for the class.  Both business spoke with the class about the process involved in making a product.  There were question and answer sessions where the students could ask product related question based on what they learned in social studies.