A Memorial Day salute to our nation’s heroes from the Minisink Valley High School ‘Virtual Band’ and ‘Virtual Choir’

We proudly invite you to enjoy these wonderful patriotic performances from the Minisink Valley High School “Virtual Band” and “Virtual Choir.”

The Minisink Valley High School ‘Virtual Band’

Photos of students playing musicDespite the inability to march in the annual Memorial Day Parade this year,  Directors Joseph Horner, Matt Christy, Tom Stickney — with assistance from alumnus/former band member Abigail Haber —  and students still found a way to honor those who died protecting our nation and  our active duty personnel and veterans.

Listen to the creative way the band salutes these heroes with these melodies representing each branch of the military!

Salute to the branches of our nation’s armed forces

The Minisink Valley High School ‘Virtual Choir’

Choir singersStudents rehearsed their practice tracks at home, recorded their video performance, and then uploaded their performance to Google classroom to create this beautiful rendition of our National Anthem.

Choir Director Danielle Cornacchio then split the videos into separate audio and video tracks to bring both together for this virtual performance.

Although the choirs were unable to be together in the classroom, they found a way to come together to create beautiful music and decided that they’d like their first virtual performance to be in honor of those who have given their lives protecting our freedoms. Featured in this performance are students from Mixed Choir, Women’s Choir and Chamber Choir!

The Star Spangled Banner