A message from the Minisink Valley Board of Education on the extended school closure

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Dear Minisink Valley school community:

Martin Luther King Jr. once spoke about how the measure of man is defined on where he stands during a time of challenge and controversy. We’re relating Dr. King’s important thoughts to the situation all of us in Minisink Valley — and around the world — are dealing with now as this fluid COVID-19 situation changes daily, if not faster.

The ultimate measure of this district — its administrators, faculty, staff, students and, frankly, everyone tied to this school community in large or small ways — is not where we stand in moments of comfort and convenience but, as Dr. King once said, but in times of challenge. Our fortitude is being tested, and we are successfully meeting that challenge with tenacity, grace and hard, hard work.

The Minisink Valley Board of Education continues to receive updates on what’s happening in the district and supports all the decisions being implemented at Minisink Valley. The Minisink Valley team has been just simply remarkable in its efforts to put the needs of its students and their families at the forefront of everything they do. Every decision and action has been made, and will continue to be made, with great thought and consideration. The underlying guidepost continues to be how can we best help our students during this tough period in their academic careers.

Thank you to our incredible administrators, faculty and staff for their tireless efforts. Our students are the beneficiaries of the work of this outstanding team. The board also wants to thank our community’s families, students, and everyone with a connection to this district.  Your support of our efforts during this time are what continues to inspire our staff every day. We also thank you for continuing to motivate your children to use the materials provided to them to stay current with their studies. This is critically important, as you know.

If you have an opportunity to speak with a district employee, please thank them for their efforts. We’re sure they would love to hear your kind words of support.

As we all continue to cope, please take care of yourselves and your families. We will get through this because, we are truly Minisink Valley strong.

With gratitude,

Joseph Flaherty, president
William Cooper, vice president
Christopher Briecke
Shawn Cahill
Kathlee DeRose
James Emery, Jr.
John Odland
Catherine Prezioso
Thomas Salamone