A reminder about inclement weather and academic instruction decisions

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Dear Minisink Valley school community:

To follow-up our Jan. 26 remote learning day due to inclement weather, I wanted to clarify a few things as we move forward.

As explained when the Board of Education approved changes to the district’s 2020-21 calendar, each inclement weather day’s specific circumstances will be factored into how instruction may be provided.

This includes the timing of the arrival of the expected weather, its severity and our concern that the forecasted weather may impact faculty/student technology connectivity abilities,  power in homes or other important safety/health and well-being factors.

After a thoughtful review of facts, a decision may be made to have:

  • A traditional weather/snow day, similar to what took place last Dec. 17
  • A “Remote Wednesday” schedule
  • A full remote instruction day, similar to how we launched the school year and, most recently, during the two week pause following Winter Recess.

The announcement on how a particular day will be determined – either as a traditional weather closure day or the type of an instructional day — will take place after a very thorough review of all the facts tied to the inclement weather forecast, as has been the case with how we’ve always dealt with inclement weather/snow/emergency days of past years.

Our faculty and staff are well-prepared for remote instruction. This is one of the realities of this pandemic. Over these last challenging months, particularly through extended remote instruction periods, they have led students in their academic instruction with great success and achievement. I appreciate your continued understanding and support during these unique times.

Thank you.


Brian C. Monahan

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