An April 10 message from Superintendent Brian Monahan on the extended school closure

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Dear Minisink Valley school community:

We’re ending the fourth week of our extended school closure. Our teachers, administrators and staff continue to reinforce to us why they’re the best in the industry through their dedication to their students.

Our students continue to amaze us with their commitment to their school work.

Our parents have been doing equally phenomenal work motivating and keeping after their children to stay focused on their academic work.

However, the entire Minisink Valley community deserves equal admiration. Our community continues to address the many challenges facing it in many unique ways. Please join us, again, in thanking our health care workers — and everyone who supports and assists them in health care settings, first responders, law enforcement and essential workers for all that they do to care for the sick and to make sure our basic necessities are available.

Additionally, please consider supporting Minisink Valley’s businesses, if you can, during this time. They’ve always been so supportive of the district’s large and small events.  And, remember to check on senior citizens and those who are not feeling well. They will appreciate your outreach.

A word that comes to mind is “perseverance,” because it really applies to all of you…to all of us.  At Minisink Valley, we remain determined and tenacious to making sure our students are best prepared for a new way of learning during the school closure, which currently runs through April 29.  I’ve constantly said our faculty, staff and administration are the gold standard for others to emulate. It really is true.

Thank you again for your determination and resolve to work with your children with their academic work, reminding them (it can be challenging, we know) about how critical it is to “stay sharp.” Now, we look for your continued support when the instruction of new academic material begins April 15. We know we can count on you, because we have a common objective: To provide the best possible education for your children…our students…during such a challenging time in our nation’s history.

I also want to thank our students. Whether they’re our youngest Warriors or our oldest high school students, each has been open and receptive to words of support, guidance and encouragement from you, their teachers and even their peers.  It’s not easy to deal with such a radical change of school routine, but they are showing you…and their teachers…through the photos you have shared for our Facebook page that they are doing every day.

Please be sure you’re completely familiar with the important news of new marking period dates, grading policy and expectations from earlier this week.

District announces new marking period dates, grading policy and expectations

High school update on its new instructional plan

Middle school update on its new instructional plan

Update from the elementary schools on the new instructional plan

Here’s some important reminders:

  • We are still reviewing all the district’s postponed events and activities on the school calendar. It’s a huge undertaking, and we ask for your continued patience. Please watch this website for notifications on when activities such as Kindergarten registration, and more, will be rescheduled. Each building is reviewing its own activities and information will be forthcoming when that’s complete.  Again, we thank you for your understanding.
  • Due to lack of enrollment, the Middletown YMCA is no longer staffing the childcare site at the Intermediate School, but will begin to do so again if sufficient enrollment takes place. Important updates to the Middletown YMCA childcare site at Minisink Valley Intermediate School
  • Also, we’re sharing information from the New York State Department of Health, which has opened a special enrollment period to give New Yorkers the opportunity to purchase affordable healthcare. NY State of Health

    Passover and Easter are always wonderful times to reach out to those you miss, care about and hold dear. The holidays may be celebrated a bit differently than in the past, but their messages, symbolism and traditions will never change. Thank you again for the trust you give us in your children’s education and best wishes for a happy holiday.


    Brian C. Monahan