Class of 2022’s paver gift installed at District Administration offices

paver art installationA paver art gift to the district from the Class of 2022 was recently installed outside the entrance to District Administration offices.

people “They felt it was a nice way to welcome new families, faculty and staff to the district as well as something for all employees and the community to enjoy for many years to come,” said Deborah Roda, who served as one of the Class of 2022 advisors this past school year.

2021-22 class officers were: Jack Bellettiere, president; Jaelynn Cabrera, vice president; Kelly Morrison, treasurer; and Emily Kipp, secretary.

backhoe in front of a building The Class of 2022 purchased the paver flag art at a discounted rate from the balance in its class bank account. The completion of the project was made possible by the following volunteers and donations: Thank you to:

  • The district’s Buildings and Grounds staff, who prepared the area
  • Unilock Paving Stones, who donated the pavers
  • E.P. Janson Nursery delivered the pavers
  • Aden Aggregate, who donated and delivered the gravel for installation
  • Tony Monaco Landscaping, who donated four staff members to install the art and pavers

“Thank you to the Class of 2022 for leaving a legacy and patriotic gift for so many to admire and enjoy,” said Superintendent Brian Monahan. “And a thank you to our community businesses for supporting this effort through their very kind donations. This is another example of the importance of community and business connections. We’re very grateful and appreciative.”