Middle school students join millions in nationwide ‘Hour of Code’ activities

student at computerMinisink Valley Middle School computer science students joined millions of students worldwide celebrating Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 5 to 9) with the Hour of Code.

The Hour of Code, organized by the non-profit code.org, initially began as a one-hour introduction to computer science designed to demystify “coding,” reinforcing to participants student at computerthat they can learn the basics. People use code to communicate with computers and develop electronic devices, machines, and other technologies.

Organizers also want to broaden participation in computer science field.

Since then, the Hour of Code has blossomed into a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science, beginning with one hour of coding activities that take place in a classroom setting.

student at computer“Students chose activities that involved all types of computer languages: Block, ‘Python,’ ‘html’ and  ‘css.’” said Middle School computer science teacher Teresia Parker. “The activities are designed to have students create with code.  This includes creating games, dances, and artwork.  Some students tried their hand at activities which involved hacking .Students used reading, logic, computational thinking, student at computercommunication, and collaboration skills when engaging in these activities.”

In just two days, her students coded over 2,000 lines of code through their many activities.  Students in middle school computer science teacher Jodi Roda’s class were involved in similar activities.

student at computerComputer science skills give students a foundation for success in many career paths and the district’s curriculum is designed to ensure computer science literacy for all students.

The Minisink Valley community can learn more about coding, too, by taking part in Hour of Code activities. Visit:  Hour of Code activities.