High School’s ‘MV Green Pop-Up Shop’ now open for holiday purchases

CAP students making itemsThe “MV Green Pop-Up Shop,” operated by students in the high school’s Career Achievement Program (CAP) is now open and selling items which CAP students believe will make great holiday gifts.

CAP focuses on developing higher level vocational skills and hands-on learning through in-house employment opportunities, focusing on teamwork, communication, safety, problem solving, workplace ethics/professionalism, time and organizational management, attitude and demeanor and enhanced communication skills. It’s been in place at the high school since September MV Green items2002 and run by teachers Ilka Peters and Christine Ertola.

“MV Green” opened in early November, with the intention of teaching students customer service, social, communication and time management skills. Its seed money was provided via a $1,000 grant from the New York State Division of Career Development and Transition (NYSDCDT), which was used to acquire the wide variety of crafts and plants students are selling.

CAP student making items“MV Green’s” hours of operation are:  8 a.m. to 2 p.m. for students and staff and their “shop” is located at Room 122.

Succulent plants will be on sale for $5,

Community orders can also be placed by emailing to  mvgreen@minisink.com.

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