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Monday October 16, 2017 at 5:00pm Age: 1 year
Category: High School, District


WHAT: Five Chorus Harvest Concert
 Tue., Oct. 17, 7 p.m.
WHERE: MVHS Auditorium
ADMISSION: $2 donation per person. Free for children under 4. Also collecting pet supplies for the Walden Humane Society.


“I’ve been singing with most of these students since kindergarten, and I’ve been in the chorus program for four years. Being president is such an honor, it makes me emotional. The Harvest Concert is extra special because it brings together all four choirs and shows who we really are as a group that shares the same passion.” --Sara Beebe, President

“We all have a strong connection with Mr. Izzo, our chorus teacher and director. This is our last, first school concert of the year with him. As the program historian, I have the incredible privilege of keeping the timeline of our journey together, from freshman to senior year. I get to make our great memories live forever.”--Kayleigh Evans, Historian

“Chorus is a huge part of our lives. Many of us come here just to hangout because, not only do we enjoy singing together, we love being with each other. The Harvest Concert is about the fun and joy of hearing all our voices together.”--Corinne Grainger, Vice President

“Chorus has always felt more like a free period. Singing is an awesome way to express ourselves--to embrace who we are. I think the Harvest Concert, bringing all the choruses together, can really inspire younger students. They might see us and say, “I want to be in that choir some day. I want to be a part of it.”--Billy Schiele, Tenor Section Leader 

“Unlike most of my peers, I didn’t know Mr. Izzo until freshman year. I play oboe and he would always kid around with me over it. It helped me feel at home in the program. In Chamber Choir, I’ve always had a family to look up to: Joey Horner, Evan Sacco…we grew very close and I learned so much from them. I recently listened to a recording of my first chorus concert at the high school: it was beautiful!”--Alonzo O’Bannon, Bass Section Leader 

(Click on song title to hear a rehearsal recording)

Senior chorus members agree: This song rings truest to their four-year experience in the program.

“’You will be found' means that you’re never really alone,” Kaleigh said. “This program found us, and we found each other. It’s hard to imagine us in college, and not having Room 219 to come too, and be together with our friends.” "We need a device that will teleport us back here,” Corinne added.


Under the direction of Mr. Victor Izzo, all four choruses and a combined chorus will perform as followS:

  • Women’s Chorus: Many beautiful arrangements including the very moving “From There Is Light,” and the Disney Classic from “Pocahontas,” “Colors Of The Wind.” 
  • Chamber Choir: Selection of wonderful and original arrangements including “hope, faith, life, and love,” by Eric Whitacre, and an arrangement of Pentatonix’s “Stars,” from “Finding Neverland.” 
  • Men’s Ensemble: Entertaining selections and a tribute to Tom Petty with a performance of “Free Falling.”  
  • Mixed Chorus: Making their high school debut with “Rhythm Of Life” from “Sweet Charity” and Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind.”

The concert will close with all of our singers coming together for a  celebration of the reigning Tony Award winner, “Dear Evan Hansen.”

They are saving a seat for you, and hope to see you there! Bring the family!