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Thursday October 19, 2017 at 2:14pm Age: 1 year
Category: Otisville Elementary


“Bullies aren’t cool,” but “It’s cool to care”—these were some of the messages Otisville students sang along too during anti-bullying assemblies on Tues., Oct. 17. 


Award-winning, singer-songwriter Tommy Gardner's motivational assemblies rely on music and humor to inspire children to grow kinder, healthier and more tolerant. 


The program has an anti-bullying focus, including digital bullying—“Think before you type it.” Under the theme, "You are a Superhero," children are encouraged to fight bullying with their "superhero" power to communicate, and to practice kindness, inclusiveness and respect. 

Students of all grades were easily engaged by Mr. Gardner’s relatable songs and laugh-out-loud theatrics, and they won't soon forget the advice of his popular "Bully Bubba" tune: 

"So what should you do when you meet someone like Bubba?
Should you run, or hide, and what should you say?
Try to act brave and try to ignor 'em
Cause when you ignor bullies their power goes away.
You need to tell someone cause telling isn't tattling.
Telling's what we do to protect you and me.
And never join in and watch a bully bully,
An audience is really all a bully ever needs."