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Wednesday January 25, 2017 at 12:30pm Age: 2 yrs
Category: Intermediate, District


Hours before the presidential inaugural ball in Washington, DC, Minisink Valley’s fifth graders in Mrs. Marcolina’s class were hosting their version of this inaugural tradition, first held in 1789 for President George Washington.


Leading up to the class’s formal event was a social studies unit integrating geography, history, economics and citizenship. The anticipation and planning of the inaugural ball activity helped motivate students to increase their knowledge of real-life events.


"One of my primary objectives is to educate my students so that they can become informed and participating 21st century citizens, who show respect for their country, their communities, their leaders, and their fellow citizens," Mrs. Marcolina said.


In September, Mrs. Marcolina’s class celebrated Constitution Day and spent several weeks reading and writing about, and discussing, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Over half of the class memorized the Preamble. October and November lessons focused on understanding the election process.  As Inauguration Day approached, students conducted research and prepared written and oral reports on the President of the United States—and began planning the big event!


Finally, on January 20, organized in five committees an in formal attire, Mrs. Marcolina’s fifth graders officiated their 2017 Inaugural Ball.  


Upon arrival, students and guests presented individually created ball tickets to check in with Ella and her Ticket/Sign-In Committee. Guest lists were cross referenced, and hands were stamped with the American flag.  Next, Ethan and Autumn, heads of Security and Secret Service, led everyone to the classroom entrance checkpoint. "Everyone passed our strict safety and security scanning,” Ethan said. “Our two teams of five agents each patrolled the hall and classroom, and reported that no one was misbehaving.”


The classroom was transformed into a ballroom by Jeffrey and his committee of six. "It was a lot of work, but everyone liked our moving and decorating job," said Brayden, a committee member.


Hostesses Alyse and Kiera offered parent-donated refreshments. Krista and Gabriel were in charge of the program and entertainment. "My favorite part was when Gabe and I led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance, the Star Spangled Banner, and the Presidential Oath of Office," Krista said.


Inspired by the event, Emily announced her plans to run for U.S .President, when she's older!


Dancing and visiting filled the rest of the afternoon. All guests received an Inauguration Fun Sheet and a Commemorative Thank You note for attending.