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All sport physicals and mandatory Parental Permission and District Health Interval History forms can be downloaded from the Athletics page of our district website

Form submission deadlines: Completed forms must be submitted to the Middle School’s main office, as follows:

  • JV & VARSITY athletes: no-later-than August 10.
  • MODIFIED athletes: Prior to the first day of school.  


  • Sports physicals must be dated 8/1/2016 or later; earlier physicals are not considered valid for the fall season.  
  • If you need a new sports physical, our school physician will be available on Tues., Aug. 15, at 9 a.m., in the High School Nurse's Office.  
  • To register for a free sports physical contact Ms. Megan Mead now at


General Start Dates: 

  • Varsity (All teams): Monday, August 14
  • Modified (MVMS/All teams: Tuesday, September 5, first day of classes (after school)

Girls JV and Varsity Tennis  
▪ 8/14: 8-10am ▪ HS Tennis Courts 
--NOTE: Park at Middle School and walk to courts 
--Needed: racket, water and sunblock

Varsity Girls Swimming/Diving 
▪ 8/14: 9-11am ▪ HS Pool
--Needed: bathing suit, swim cap, goggles and towel

JV & Varsity Football
▪ 8/14: 1:30pm ▪ Meet in HS Gymnasium ▪ Practice daily (M-F) 2:45-8pm. Dinner provided. ▪ Saturdays: 9am-12pm  
--Needed: cleats, black shorts and pull-up knee pads

Girls JV & Varsity Soccer 
▪ 8/14, 8/16: Morning Session: 8-10am / Water Tower Field ▪ Evening Session: 5:30-7:30pm / Pit Field
▪ 8/15, 8/17: Morning Session: 8-10am / Pit Field ▪ Evening Session: 5:30-7:30pm / Water Tower Field
--Needed: cleats, shin-guards, running shoes, indoor soccer shoes, fluids (water/Gatorade), sunscreen, asthma medication, etc.

Boys' JV & Varsity Boys Soccer
▪ 8/14, 8/16: Morning Session: 7:30-9:30am / Pit Field ▪ Evening Session: 4:30-6:30pm / Water Tower Field
▪ 8/15: Morning Session: 7:30-9:30am / Water Tower Field ▪ Evening Session:  4:30-6:30pm / Pit Field.  
--Needed: cleats, shin-guards, running shoes, indoor soccer shoes, fluids (water/Gatorade), sunscreen, asthma medication, etc.

JV & Varsity Volleyball 
▪ 8/14─8/18: (Mon.-Fri.) 8 -11am ▪ Middle School Gymnasium ▪ 11am-12pm and 12pm-2pm Lunch break (bring bag lunch)
▪ 8/19 & 8/26: (Sat.) 8-11am ▪ Middle School Gymnasium 
--Needed: shorts, t-shirt, socks, volleyball sneakers, water bottle

JV & Varsity Football Cheerleading  
▪ 8/14 - 8/18: 5:30-8pm ▪ Middle School Gymnasium ▪ Tryouts: 8/14-8/16

B & G JV and Varsity Cross-Country
▪ 8/14: 8am ▪ Meet at the Water Tower (MS) to start practice  
--Needed: two bottles of water, minimum