Intermediate/Elementary PTOs’ ‘Warrior Run’ proceeds make Traverse Climbing Wall purchase a reality

Warrior Run balloonsThe Elementary/Intermediate School’s Oct. 16 Warrior Run fundraiser was a huge success, with proceeds raising the final funds to purchase and install a Traverse Climbing Wall in the Intermediate School’s “C Gym” for all K-5 students to use during physical education classes.

Kids running“The PTOs at both schools worked together to plan and run this first Warrior Run,” said Keisha Brnabich, IS PTO fundraising chair. “Over the last month, students raised funds for a traverse climbing wall for our gymnasium! We surpassed our goal and the wall is ordered. We would love to thank Coach Uhelsky, as she was an integral part of making this happen. She designed a really fun course for our students which was filled with obstacles. Thank you also to our Cross-Country Varsity Team, who volunteered to help students get through the obstacles as well as apply Warrior paint!  Our parents and guardians made signs and were fabulous cheerleaders, too!”

traverse climbing wallA traverse wall is climbed horizontally, not vertically. The wall is 8 feet or 10 feet high and comes in sections to allow for any desired length. The fun and challenge are for students to make it from one side to the other, rather than to the top. These walls are ideally suited to younger children and elementary schools, as the low height gives children the freedom to climb without height.

boys getting ready to run“This forthcoming, new addition to the ‘C Gym’ is going to provide a new, fun and physically challenging activity in our physical education classes,” said physical education teacher Theresa Uhelsky. “This is an excellent activity which builds upper body strength and improving balance, endurance and flexibility. Plus, the added benefit is this also encourages students to further practice their cooperation and team building skills with their peers. Our physical education faculty is grateful to our PTOs and parents for their interest and efforts to make this a reality.”

boys running obstacle courseThe recent race was approximately 0.5 miles in length, utilizing the perimeter of the pit field, practice football field, and varsity soccer field.   There were obstacles throughout the course for students to complete, including:  zig-zagging through cones, jumping foam logs, running through hula hoops, jumping hurdles, and going through tunnels.

kids running“Our students had a fun time, and a great workout while they participated in an event that would give them new workout opportunities,” Ms. Uhelsky added.

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