March 11 statement regarding an Otisville Elementary bus finding

For your information art

Dear Minisink Valley parents/guardians:

In the interest of transparency we wanted to share that during our afternoon bus run today, March 11, an Otisville Elementary student found a bullet on the floor of the  bus. It was turned over to the driver, who, in turn, notified our Transportation Center and Central Office. We immediately notified our law enforcement partners and we are working with them as they conduct their own thorough and detailed investigation.  To be clear: There was never any gun involved, or any threat. Only a bullet was found.

This investigation continues. The safety and security of our students and staff is our top priority. This young student did the right thing by alerting the driver so further action could be taken and we are very grateful.

Please use this as an opportunity to remind your children about the importance of alerting a responsible adult about any type of paraphernalia, inappropriate items, something they may think is out of ordinary, may put others at risk or could be a safety issue. This student found something that fell into one of these categories and alerted the responsible adult for handling and further action. That’s what we want our school community to do.

Thank you.


Brian  C. Monahan

Julia Downey
Otisville Elementary Principal