Middle School Pet Club Regifting Sale raises $987 to support local shelters and middle school ‘critters’

Pet club students

The Middle School Pet Club raised $987 in its recent school Regifting Sale, with funds earmarked to support local animal shelters and the “critters” it takes care of at the middle school.

pet club saleMiddle school families donated items for the sale; and students purchased them during a two day event at the school for gifts or other purposes.

At the middle school, club members are responsible for the care of the school’s “critters”: two chinchillas, a hamster, bunny and hedgehog. Funds support all food, bedding, litter, housing and necessary veterinary bills.  Often, during the school year,  the club receives several animals to temporarily care for or to adopt.

pet club kids and advisorEach year club members of the club support local shelters by making dog and animal toys, dog cookies, and small animal treats.

“Thank you to everyone who was a part of our success: The families who donated their gently used items and the students who selected those items to buy as gifts or for themselves,” said Pet Club advisor Amy Sicina. “Anyone who owns a pet knows how important they are and the ‘critters’ we take care of are an important part of our middle school family. It’s also important for our club members to support local animal shelters and we’ll also be using these funds to make homemade toys and treats as part of our commitment to remember ‘community critters.”