Minisink Valley first-graders’ ‘Sprinkle Kindness’ doughnut projects reinforce the importance of kind words

students with doughnut writing project



It’s Kindness Week at Minisink  student with doughnut writing projectstudents with doughnut writing projectsValley Elementary School and Maureen Cardinale’s first-graders used special words as “doughnut sprinkles” for their special “Sprinkle Kindness” projects.

“We talked about ways that we can be kind and words that we can use students with doughnut writing projectthat represent being kind,” she said.

Some of the words chosen to represent kindness were “share” “take turns,” “be nice,” “help someone,” “smile,” “welcome” and “thank you.”

“There was no main reason behind the doughnuts other than we love doughnuts and sprinkles make them even better so we decided to ‘sprinkle kindness’ with some doughnut designs,” Mrs. Cardinale said, adding each student went home with a note reminding them “the world is a better place because you’re here.”