‘Mock’ crash reminders juniors and seniors of the critical importance of making good choices when driving

Group of first respondersWith prom season approaching and to reinforce safe driving habits, Minisink Valley High School, Drama Club student actors, the New York State Police, the Slate Hill Fire Department and Mobile Life Support Services held their first MOCK Car Crash for the junior and senior classes on April 29.

two cars in simulated crashThe accident simulation was of a two car collusion, caused by drunk driving. Students watched what police, fire and medical responders do when arriving to a crash site.

Police with student actorIn this simulation, police checked the sobriety level of the driver and arrested him.

Concurrently, firefighters used extrication equipment to free victims of both vehicles.  Emergency medical technicians provided on site treatment and prepped victims to go to the hospital.

However, two other victims were non-responsive and could not be saved.

Fire and EMS respondersThe intent was to show students the tragic consequences of speeding, driving while impaired or intoxicated and/or distracted driving —such as texting — to anyone who is newly licensed with limited driving experience or drivers who may not realize their actions can have significant negative outcomes.

School officials stressed how important it is to make always good decisions when driving and how bad choices can have a lifetime impact on many people.

Firefighter talking to studentsSenior Michael Ortiz, who was recently named the Wawayanda Fire Department/Slate Hill Fire District’s “2019 Firefighter of the Year,” participated in the simulation and at its conclusion told students: “I have been to calls like this. This DOES happen. Don’t let this happen to you. Make good choices when you get behind the wheel.”

Please continue this important conversation at home to support the district’s efforts to encourage safe driving habits.

Thank you to the New York State Police, the Slate Hill Fire Department, Mobile Life Support Services and student actors representing the high school’s Drama Club for their involvement and efforts to make this mock crash so realistic.