Otisville Elementary Drama Program presents ‘Lion King Jr. ‘ on April 4 and 5

Otisville Lion KingThings will definitely get wild when the Otisville Elementary Drama Program presents “The Lion King Jr.” on April 4 and 5 at 7 p.m. at the school.

Fans of Disney’s The Lion King know the plot well! Join otisville Lion KingMufasa (Hunter Gomez), his majordomo Zazu (Kaley Czajkowski) and his young cub Simba, (Rogan Lynch/Nathan Butts) as they face the challenges of the African savanna, under the guidance of the all-knowing Rafiki (Charlie Curabba).

otisville lion kingSimba’s Uncle Scar (Mikia Nash) tries to prevent him from becoming King of the Pridelands while the hyenas (Vincent Coppola, Tatiana Stinson and Conner Doane) try to have him for lunch.

Otisville Lion KingWith a little “Hakuna Matata” from his jungle friends Timon (Hana Kim Ebbert) and Pumbaa (Gavin Hoolan), and loving guidance from his best friend Nala (Emma Sullivan/Elena Urena), Simba he finally discovers “the king” he was meant to be.

The play is directed by Kim Mynders; assistant director/choreographer is Laura Bendlin; music director is Andrew Fisher; and technical director is Erin Chase.

Otisville Lion KingThe cast has been working hard and has created a fabulous show! Be sure to see this vibrant and classic tale of good and evil and experience the lessons tied to this “Circle of Life” performance!