Over 600 special, locally grown pumpkins bring Halloween cheer to Minisink Valley Elementary students

pumpkin patchCommunity members joined forces with the Minisink Valley Elementary School community to create some additional Halloween cheer to all K-2 students during a pandemic year where Halloween will a take place a bit differently.

Orange was the color of the day at recent Minisink Valley Elementary’s boy with pumpkinspecially created Pumpkin Patch, where students searched to find the most perfect pumpkins from the over 600 locally grown pumpkins to bring home.  What made things even more special was the pumpkins were grown especially for the elementary students.

Special thanks to the MVES PTO for organizing the event; State Trooper James Hujus for donating the pumpkin seeds and allowing the use of his field for planting; Director of Buildings and Grounds Dave Roda for planting and harvesting the pumpkin crop; and the school’s Buildings and Grounds team for setting up the pumpkin patch Dave and Jim with pumpkinsto give all K-2 students a place to visit.

“We know Halloween is going to be a bit different for children this year, and this collaborative effort by so many was intended to bring some additional Halloween smiles to the faces of our students,” said Elementary School Assistant Principal Deborah Gallant. “We hope everyone had a fun time carving or decorating their pumpkins.”

To see more photos, visit the district’s Facebook page.