Preparation plans shared for the start of four in-person academic instruction days on April 12 

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Dear Minisink Valley parents/guardians:

When classes resume following Spring Break on Tuesday, April 6, there will be an important adjustment to the academic instructional schedule for the week of April 5.

This schedule adjustment will allow our Buildings & Grounds team to prepare classrooms in all our buildings to be ready for Monday, April 12, the first day of Minisink Valley’s first week of four, in-person instruction days.

Please note: Our delivery of approximately 3,500 desk partitions needed for our students continues to be on schedule, is expected to ship April 5, with delivery to us sometime between April 6 and 8.

Based on this, and because the week of April 5 is a four-day school week, please make sure you note the following important academic instructional changes for this week:

  • Monday, April 5: No school, last day of Spring Recess
  • Tuesday, April 6: “White Day” students report into school
  • Wednesday, April 7: “Green Day” students report into school
  • Thursday, April 8:  “White Day” students report into school
  • Friday, April 9: Remote Wednesday is rescheduled for Friday.
    Friday is needed for the Buildings & Ground team to move and return desks into classrooms, install desk partitions and thoroughly clean the entire building. This is currently estimated to take three days, with work continuing throughout the weekend.   Going forward, Remote Wednesday days will resume on Wednesday, April 14.

I want to again stress: Monday, April  12 is our intended target date. As I previously noted, plans may change based on a variety of factors we can and cannot control, including updated guidance/mandates and changing conditions. As part of this, we may require additional flexibility during the week of April 5, our preparation week.

As a reminder, we are keeping our Remote Wednesday days in place through the end of April, at which time we will be re-evaluating their use.

Thank you again for your continued support of this very important and welcome change to our school year, and for your patience, grace and understanding during these challenging times.

I will continue to stay in touch.


Brian C. Monahan