Registration taking place now for Middle School’s incoming sixth-grade Project Cooperation Camp

It’s getting closer for incoming sixth-graders to join the middle school! For most, it’s the first time they will be moving up to a new school.

To help ensure they’re ready, these soon-to be rising sixth-graders are invited to attend the middle school’s Project Cooperation Camp, an opportunity for them to see and be reminded about the importance of working cooperatively, building leadership skills and increasing their self-esteem as they begin to successfully navigate the new world of classes, teachers and responsibilities.

Registration is taking place now through Thursday, June 17.

Project Cooperation Letter of Invitation

Project Cooperation Registration Form 

“Project Cooperation gives our incoming sixth-graders that added sense of confidence for their first day and weeks of coming into a new school,” said Principal Michael Larsen.  “The variety of activities we do over a two-day period are designed to show them the importance of teamwork, helping others and how the spirit of cooperation will be tremendously important in their middle school careers, and in life.”

Plus, Mr. Larsen added, they’ll meet new friends, which is critical when transitioning to a new building.

Mr. Larsen hoped the new students are excited for what awaits them.

“Everyone is starting out new and fresh to the middle school,” he said. “Our intent is to have them come home during those first weeks of school thrilled to tell you about what they are doing, the friends they have made and what awaits them academically and socially.”