Reminder: Keep school-issued Chromebooks charged during summer months or use long-term storage mode option for fall readiness

ChromebookAttention Minisink Valley parents/guardians:

A reminder that during the summer months, parents/students should ensure their school-issued Chromebooks remain charged.

Making sure Chromebooks are charged ensures there’s greater ease in resuming their use in September. If uncharged, they will go into battery protection mode and won’t turn on when left at 0 percent. Our Technology team reminds us the majority of requests it receives after every school break is when devices won’t turn on.

For families who aren’t planning on using Chromebooks during the summer there is a long-term storage mode option they should use which prevents the battery from getting critically low.  The steps are here:

Preparing Chromebooks for storage during extended periods of time

Thank you for your attention to this important information.