‘Remote Wednesday’ asynchronous days to continue through the end of December

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Minisink Valley’s “Remote Wednesday” asynchronous days will continue through the end of December.

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Christian Ranaudo said “Remote Wednesdays” have been extremely useful for students and faculty, providing students the opportunity to work remotely with their teachers for extra help while independently completing assignments which reinforce in-class or synchronous live-streaming instruction.

In addition to providing students with extra help opportunities with their teachers, students are also required to “check-in” with their teachers during the day while working on their assignments.

“Remote Wednesdays” also give faculty the opportunity to further tweak hybrid/all-remote lesson planning during the week to ensure students have the best possible instructional experience.

Faculty also often take part in professional development work during “Remote Wednesdays” to increase and maximize technology proficiency.

“We were confident our faculty and staff were prepared to welcome back students to school through hybrid or fully remote instructional models and these first, four weeks of school have reinforced how well-prepared they were,” said Mr. Ranaudo. “That’s not to say there haven’t been challenges or issues to address. We expected that. But we also saw how everyone’s commitment to student success was intensified because of the very different way school opened. ‘Remote Wednesdays’ have allowed us to immediately fine tune what we need, to further advance all the great work we’re doing.”

Mr. Ranaudo stressed: “We’re grateful to our faculty and staff for all they continue to do, and to our students and parents for their ongoing flexibility, adaption and understanding as we continue to navigate our way through this school year. We told parents we would be assessing how ‘Remote Wednesdays’ would continue in late October and wanted to give them as much advance notice as possible for their planning purposes.”

For additional questions, please contact your child’s building principal.