Residents approve Minisink Valley’s revised $95.3 million budget for the 2019-20 school year

On Tuesday, June 18 Minisink Valley Central School District residents approved the 2019-20 school budget in a 2,449 to 1,085 revote.

The results showed 69.3 percent of voters approved the proposed budget, achieving a 60 percent plus one supermajority.

The $95.3 million proposed budget is a $4,676,257 reduction from the 2018-19 spending plan.  The approved 2.46 percent tax levy means residents who own a home with a $300,000 fair market value will have $165 tax increase for the next school year.

This approved budget reflects additional spending cuts from the initial proposed budget rejected by voters on May 21.

The reductions which are in place for the 2019-20 school year are:

Staffing reductions

21 faculty positions
32.5 staff positions
2 administrator positions

Technology budget
CR BOCES public information services
Equipment and supplies

Field trips
Summer school program
5 p.m. bus runs
Summer curriculum program
Virtual High School
Selected high school/AP college course
High school electives
After school detention II program
Intramural swimming program
17 sports program assistants
Office of Professional Learning
The approved budget also uses $5,311,500 of the district’s fund balance.

“We are extremely grateful to our residents for approving this budget,” said Superintendent Brian Monahan. “Reducing the budget required us to make some very difficult decisions. However, this budget allows the district to provide a quality academic program to our students while continuing to offer a range of extracurricular and athletic experiences to prepare them to be college, career and civic ready. Our residents asked us to identify ways to cut costs to lower the tax levy and we have accomplished that with this budget. Our commitment is to the Minisink community and our students to provide quality instructional programming and learning opportunities.”

Mr. Monahan added: “Thank you to everyone who supported this budget. We pledge to remain focused on doing everything possible to ensure our community supports the work we do to provide the best possible education to our students.”