Staff spotlight: Meet Sheri Gurney, Intermediate School secretary

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Sheri GurneyMeet Sheri Gurney, Intermediate School secretary!

What’s your favorite aspect of your job?

The students and their families are my absolute favorite aspect of my job!  Waving at the students everyday, saying a quick “Hello” or “How’s it going today kiddo?” are the best perks of my job!  The positive, bright and youthful energy that the students bring into our building is very contagious, and makes this a fun place to work.  In addition to my interactions with the students, I also have daily conversations with parents.  Over time, there is a real bond formed, and one that I do not take for granted.  I’ve had the honor and privilege to relieve fears, calm frustrations, enjoy a good laugh, share my own experiences, as well as be a confidant with parents over the years.  The friendships created with these students and their families is truly priceless.

Why do you believe in and support the work of the Minisink Valley School District and what it does for the community?

Having lived in this community for the past 14 years, with my two youngest still attending Minisink, and my oldest having graduated in 2020, I can tell you that our school district and our community is second to none!  Our community, as a whole, revolves around our school district and that makes us very unique.  Our teachers, our staff and our administrators are our neighbors.  As a result, Minisink Valley School District does and will continue to make decisions based on what is in the best interest of our students and our community!  We are all in this together, and will always do what is needed to help our community, our neighbors!

How has this pandemic refocused the work you do every day?

Kindness, compassion, consideration and patience have been a true focus during the pandemic.  This pandemic has brought about many changes and hardships for our students and their families, as well as faculty and staff.  With that, we’ve all taken on new and additional responsibilities, to ensure that our students are provided all that is necessary to succeed. Taking on new roles and responsibilities brings about the need for patience and consideration.  This pandemic has and continues to throw us come curve balls, but as long as we all work together with consideration and patience, we will succeed.  The heartache, fear, and the absolute unknown that this pandemic has caused all of us (adults and children alike) has necessitated a new level of kindness and compassion.  I am proud of this district in consistently showing and practicing kindness, compassion, consideration and patience.

What do you want to say directly to the community about the importance of your work?  

The students, your children, are honestly the reason I go to work everyday. I look forward to seeing their faces and their smiles (I can see their faces light up even when wearing a mask), the waving, the conversations in passing, witnessing their growth over the years is truly an honor.  Please know that your children are valued and always will be!  At Minisink, your child’s safety, well being, and success is a true testament of all of the work that we do!