Varsity cheerleading team makes a powerful and positive contribution to Access: Support for Living’s ‘Picnic in the Park’

cheerleaders in action

The Minisink Valley Varsity Cheerleading Team represented the district at the cheerleaders and coach recent Access: Support for Living’s “Picnic in the Park,” a free annual event held for the people and families who receive supports and services from this community organization.

Access: Supports for  Living is valued resource to the people, families and communities across nine counties in New York and the highly regarded provider of a wide range of constantly evolving services and cheerleaders in actionprograms for as many as 10,000 people facing the challenges of disability and mental illness.

The afternoon included food, fun, dancing, games and activities. Staff, family, friends and community members volunteered to help provide a memorable day for all.

cheerleaders in action“Our girls did an Access ‘cheer,’ they performed their pep rally routine, and the most rewarding part was watching them interact with all of our guests that day,” said Varsity Coach Patti Archiere.

Together with the Mount Saint Mary College baseball players and coach Trevor Purcell, the two teams created a “tunnel of excitement” at the beginning of the day that cheered and welcomed all of the guests into the cheerleaders in actionsoccer field area as they arrived.

The cheerleaders helped with games, served ice cream, oversaw the “Everyone Has a Hand In It” art canvas project, along with other arts and crafts while providing support to the Access staff wherever needed.

“They are still talking about some of the experiences they had,” added Coach Archiere. “This is truly one of my proudest coaching moments; yep shedding a tear.”