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Monday March 20, 2017 at 2:58pm Age: 2 yrs
Category: Middle School


“We had a great time learning,” student Rebecca Milby said of a parent visit and presentation by Esther Ruiz, a nursing supervisor at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. Mrs. Ruiz visited all five of Mrs. Johnson’s seventh grade science classes to share important medical advice—and some of her medical instruments as well.


Students gained new insights into some of the most critical systems of the human body and how to keep them healthy. 

Mrs. Ruiz discussed the benefits of specific types of exercise to specific body systems. Running, basketball and swimming, for instance, can improve the flow and oxygenation of blood through the circulatory or cardiovascular system; stretching and yoga can strengthen the muscular system.


Addressing the nutritional needs of middle schoolers, Mrs. Ruiz discussed the role of calcium-rich foods cheese, yogurt, green, leafy vegetables, fish—in growing stronger bones and she recommended a daily calcium intake of 1,200 mg.

Students also learned about Type 1 diabetes or juvenile diabetes, which has continued to rise in the United States, and how Type 2 diabetes can often be reversed through the right diet and exercise.


To encourage student engagement, Mrs. Ruiz brought along a stethoscope, a reflex hammer, and an ophthalmoscope.




  • “I liked using the ophthalmoscope and seeing each other’s eye vessels,” William Phillips said. “I also enjoyed learning how Mrs. Ruiz helps people live better lives.”
  • “It was a really cool presentation and very interactive,” Clayton Fogler said.
  • Student Lauren Marsh addressed Mrs. Ruiz directly: “It was really fun having you come to our class and teach us about the heart and your job. Thank you!”


Many thanks to Mrs. Ruiz, indeed, for taking the time to share her knowledge and enhance our students’ learning experience.