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Tuesday February 20, 2018 at 4:30pm Age: 299 days
Category: Middle School, District


Picking a good read is always a matter of taste, but print books engage many more of your senses than e-books on reading devices. You can practically taste a print book!

Ask the sixth grade students in Ellen Ferrier and Betsy Corletta’s ELA classes. They worked up an appetite with a five-course Book Tasting at Spicehandler’s Literary Café, in the school library.

After browsing through the specials displayed in the library lounge, student-guests moved on to the book dining area, to the sound of soft piano music. Tables set for dinner offered five delectable courses in Fantasy/Supernatural, Realistic Fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure and Historical Fiction.

With a five-section menu in hand, students taste-tested a book from each course, or genre. More voracious appetites could be satisfied at two long book-buffet tables. The menu was so tantalizing, everyone walked away with "takeout."

“One of our goals was to teach students how to effectively ‘taste’ a book, and refine their literary pallets,” said Maggie Spicehandler, school librarian and Book Tasting organizer. “Look at the cover, read the back of the book, read the inside flap, read a couple of pages... By tasting the book, you can tell if you'd like to enjoy the whole thing.”

Through this exercise, students were also prompted to look at literary genres they might otherwise miss. Not least of all, the Book Tasting was a way to encourage students to check-out a book for their next book-report project. Bon appetit and happy reading!