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Monday November 7, 2016 at 3:57pm Age: 2 yrs
Category: District, High School


In Mr. McGann’s living environment classes, cells are more dazzling than stars and worthy of “Cell-ebration!”


The anticipated cell party was on all of last week, Oct. 31-Nov 4. Students observed and took pictures of live cells under the microscope and shared their best cell-fies. At the end of the week, several students brought in extra-credit assignments consisting of cell-shaped and illustrated cakes and cupcakes—reflecting the cells studied in class.


"I thought the ‘Cellebration’ was very funny and creative,” Penny Sierra said. “It certainly helped with knowing the organelles of a cell, and it was a great way to promote learning."


For Jade Giuga, the activity was “a good way to switch up the class from the normal day." Joe DeStefano enjoyed eating the projects while seeing cells in a different light!


The students’ educated palate had no trouble choosing between a smooth endoplasmic reticulum and a lysosome treat, making for a tasty and memorable experience.