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Wednesday November 23, 2016 at 2:40pm Age: 2 yrs
Category: District, High School


What do NYC’s Lincoln Center and Minisink Valley High School have in common? A Film Society!

At the November meeting of our homegrown Film Society, members screened and discussed their productions for the club's horror film series.



--Nick Schofield, a Senior
“My friends Josh, Colin and I have admired film-making since we were 10-11 years old. While my friends grew interested in other things as well, my mind remains set on making better films, and my friends are more than happy to help me achieve that goal. I've encouraged them to pursue careers in acting or writing because of the brilliance they bring to the table.


“Josh, Colin and I joined the Film Society because it sounded like a dream come true. Extra time to discuss student films with other people with the same passion? I'd pay to get in a class like that! 


"Like all the others, our Halloween short film started with a very simple concept. In this case, it was 'a killer refrigerator.' We spat balls around that until something stuck, and we came up with a fake movie trailer. We all have such a fun time making films together, I can't imagine we'll be stopping any time soon.”


Nick, Josh and Colin produced the film, “Silent Chiller.”


--Ben Golden, a Senior
“I started making movies when I was in elementary school. At the time, my parents had just bought a high-end laptop with a built-in camera. Amazed by this technology, my siblings and I started using it to make short films, ranging from sumo-wrestling battles to Food Network parodies. Although none of us knew anything about cinematography or screenwriting, we loved getting behind the camera. Looking back at it, these silly films were an integral part of our childhood.


“I was first introduced to the Film Society by my swim teammates, Griffin Deutsch and Chris DeAngelis. Like me, they had a passion for the film industry and creating shorts. Without much convincing, I joined the club in my junior year. For me, creating movies with friends is an escape from the pressures of school. All I have to worry about is having a good time and making a quality entertainment piece. Hopefully, in the future, more creative thinkers will find this club and cherish it like I do.”


Ben’s group produced "Clown Town."


--Leilani Potgieter, a Senior
“I joined the Film Society last year because I was excited about creating films and showing them to my peers. I have been making films with my brother since we were children, and I reveled in the idea of showing my videos to other students. In my most recent film for the club, I worked with my friends Briana and Sean, and we made a tribute to classic 1940's detective movies, with my own twist at the end. I really enjoyed working with other students to create the film and can't wait to do more in Film Society throughout the year.”


Leilani and her friends produced the film “Split.”


About Minisink Valley’s Film Society…

The Film Society is a student created/run club that serves as a creative outlet for students who love to make and discuss films. Once a month, students can get together to discuss their craft and showcase their work in an assigned genre. The Society is a supportive and encouraging community that fosters creativity.


It all started two years because a group of students were interested in continuing their study and creation of films, after taking the Film Studies elective offered at the high school. Since its inception, the club has continued to evolve and develop organically in a way that is liberating to its members.  


A Word from Jonathan Bond, English teacher and Film Society adviser…

“We encourage any high school student (aspiring filmmaker or not) to come to the meetings. They normally take place on a Wednesday, mid-month. Listen to announcements to stay posted. Each meeting the student leadership decides on what the next assignment will be. Our December meeting will focus on holiday films.”