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Thursday February 22, 2018 at 3:00pm Age: 293 days
Category: High School


Sayings like, “Looks are deceiving,” and “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” often come up in the same conversation. An activity at the MVHS Library paired the two ideas and hosted, “A Blind Date with a Book.”  

Just as a brightly colored, artfully designed book jacket can turn out a disappointing read, lackluster covers can keep us from exciting literary journeys.

To help students find their next great read, regardless of cover looks, a carefully curated selection of books were hand-wrapped and adorned with a heart-shaped cutout. The hearts offered intriguing clues to each book’s content, without giving too much away.

"Students had to make reading decisions without being influenced by a cover, or even a title or an author,” said Dolores Lombardo, High School media specialist. “This was a creative way to encourage students to try something new, and they were really drawn to the mystery involved in their choices.”

"It's normally hard for me to choose a book, but going on this blind date gave me the opportunity to not judge a book by its cover and choose one more easily," said Kyle Ferguson, senior and frequent library visitor.