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Friday January 13, 2017 at 8:40am Age: 2 yrs
Category: Otisville Elementary, District, High School


“How will Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics shape your future?” That was one of the questions Minisink students were out to explore at Otisville’s STEAM Night on Tuesday, January 10.

Activities and challenges included star gazing inside the inflatable Starlab; coding workshops in the school library with the district’s technology team; a hands-on animation workshop; robot demonstrations by students in the Robotics Club; 3-D printing exhibitions by the high school and middle school technology departments; navigating a digital obstacle course with the help of robots Dot & Dash; and math games and puzzles.    

The robotics room was one of the main attractions. It gave visitors a chance to ask questions of the robot builders and maneuver a robot through a task, with a remote control. With remote in hand, four-year-old Jack, who has two siblings at Otisville Elementary, was in no rush to go anywhere else. “I like the Lego guy. It’s kind of funny,” he said, without taking his eyes off his robot. Later, Meghan, a high school senior and 5-year-member of the Robotics, showed Jack how some of the robot parts were put together and how they move. “I love to see how children can get inspired at such young age,” Meghan said.

Teachers and staff from across the district, high school students, parents and community members volunteered their time to organize and host a stimulating night of discovery for hundreds of children and adults.

“It’s a great feeling to see months of planning and the hard work of many volunteers come to fruition. This is a community building, and it’s wonderful to have the community coming into our school.” Otisville Principal Vincent Biele said.