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Monday February 13, 2017 at 11:22am Age: 2 yrs
Category: Intermediate


“Should schools allow cell phones?” The question was asked in the debate section of a February edition of Scholastic News for fourth graders.


Kayla Nam Wasserman, a student in Mrs. Kemmerer’s fourth grade class, submitted her answer and was selected to make the case for cell phones:


"Kids should be able to bring phones to school for safety reasons. Having a cell phone would give me a sense of security that I can call someone in case of an emergency. If used properly, cell phones can also help students in school. Kids can use phones to look up words and do research on the internet. There are also many useful educational apps."


A student from Kansas made the opposing argument.


Surprisingly, Kayla does not have a cell phone. She has been promised one if she ups her grades. Meanwhile, she enjoys using technology to do her school work and has fun playing games on her family’s phones. Math being her favorite subject, she favors games that involve math skills, such as 2048.


But there’s more to the life of this young advocate of technology. Kayla loves sports and playing outdoors with her friend and neighbor. Above of all, she loves her trampoline!


Congratulations to Kayla on the publication of her well-argued opinion.