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Tuesday January 3, 2012 at 1:51pm Age: 7 yrs
Category: Minisink Elementary


WELCOME BACK!!  I hope that everyone had an enjoyable, relaxing holiday.  I would like to shout out a special THANK YOU to all of our moms and dads who gave of their time and materials to work in our classrooms to make the holidays such a fun and exciting time for our children.  So many different things happened in the classrooms, from fresh latkes being fried, to gingerbread houses being built, to reindeer costumes being created (including red noses), cookies baked, pictures drawn, and presents made for Mom and Dad, just to name a few.  We know that it is a busy time of year to give of your time, but we are grateful.  Have a wonderful New Year!

In a few weeks, our second quarter will end.  So it is very important that we help our children to settle down and begin working hard once again.  The New York State Department of Education has placed great expectations on the teachers of New York and, therefore, on the students and parents as well.  Please be sure to check your student’s homework and assist them in moving forward as they strive to learn new and exciting things.