Otisville’s ‘Omegaman and Friends’ assemblies reinforce the importance of kindness, anti-bullying and ‘bucket filling’

otisville assembly

weight lifting kidsOmegaman and Friends” Zyna and Dynamo visited Otisville Elementary on Oct, 24, speaking about and reinforcing important character development and bully prevention messages to K-5 students during two assemblies.

Stressing themes like “You’re not a winner or a loser, you‘re a chooser”; the power of your words; respect for authority; be a HERO (Helping Everyone, Respect Others); academic excellence; self-esteem; “Be a dream maker, not a dream breaker” and more, Zyna and Dynamo equally reinforced Otisville’s “Be a bucket filler” school-wide theme to students through their words and awesome strength… with student assistance!

person bending a metal bar

Zyna and Dynamo’s feats of strength were used as tools to captivate and maintain students’ attention as they reinforced their PBIS, character development, bully prevention and bucket filling messages via a superhero theme. They consistently reinforced the importance of making the right choices, always doing your best and never giving up. Their high energy performances engaged students and staff who were amazed and thrilled by their impressive skills and tricks — particularly when those tricks involved their peers.

The assemblies were sponsored by the Otisville PTO.

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